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Cotton Candy Cart

Our cotton candy cart provides a fun and unique experience for any event and is a perfect way to bring a touch of nostalgia to your special occasion. Whether it's a gender reveal, wedding, or birthday party, our sweet and delicious cotton candy will make your event a hit. Let us help you make your child's birthday one they will never forget, or surprise your wedding guests with the perfect dessert. With All Aesthetics, you can be sure your guests will have a sweet and memorable live-spin experience. 

We also offer decorated cotton candy on our custom Cotton Candy Stand! We can customize your experience further to wow your guests! We also sell customized cotton candy without booking one of our packages! Just give us a call and tell us your vision and we would love to send you a quote!

How Does It Work?

Standard Package

Best for: clients who are looking for a more full-service experience with little required of them.


  • Spin Master (1.5 Hr)

  • Commercial grade cotton candy machine

  • 30 cotton candy cones

  • 30 cotton candy bags

  • Cotton Candy Stand (Holds 15)

  • Pink vanilla flavoring

  • Blue raspberry flavoring

  • 7ft macrame umbrella (optional)

  • Custom Glass Frame

  • Delivery and set up

  • Pick up


For information on our decorated cotton candy please give us a call, text or email! We can add this service on to either package, or we can even just supply the decorated cotton candy on our stand!

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