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Why Soft Play?

No more having to worry about trying to entertain little ones in empty venues or settling for crowded/rushed jump-park parties for our tiny tots!  I ensure a worry free set up by arriving early to have it ready in plenty of time before your event! Our soft play set ups are a fun, age-appropriate environment for your little ones to enjoy! We ensure top quality pre-sanitized equipment that is just as trendy as it entertaining. We know that you know what your littles would be the most interested in so we offer a customizable package where you can choose whats included. This will allow your smallest family and friends to enjoy hours of customized soft play exploration. We know how difficult it is to find safe environments that cater to 0-5yr olds and we want to provide that in our hometown and surrounding areas. By booking a soft play set up you can have peace of mind and know that you are able to ensure secure play spaces at any event!

We offer three packages for soft play to fit your needs.

- Standard Soft Play with no bounce houses.


 - Deluxe soft play includes our mini bounce house.  


- Ultimate Soft Play includes our large bounce house.



Lets celebrate In Style 

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